By managing clients’ needs in supporting their art collections and strategies, Büro International helps clients to form and manage an organizationally sound, efficient, and valuable collection construct. Our focus is always on the needs and values of our clients. Their concerns are always integrated into our concepts. We offer our clients both project-based services within a specific timeframe and long-term support.


Büro International takes charge of organizing an art collection to make it an aesthetic corpus, which is coherent, in both content and administration.

↗ Inventory, archive, process

↗ Historic and financial appraisal

↗ Aesthetic and conceptual planning

↗ Development and expansion of collections, reduction and dissolving of collections


Büro International takes charge of managing art collections with the required administrative and creative processes.

↗ Administration and management

↗ Care and preservation of collectible objects

↗ Restoration and Conservation

↗ Aesthetic appearance of collections

↗ Consultation for new purchases, loans, gifts, exhibition projects and sales

↗ Collecting and providing information (documentation, publications, etc.)

↗ Consultation in legal and insurance matters

↗ Internal and external art mediation


Büro International plans and realizes the administrative and creative process of exhibits of works of art or collection pieces.

↗ Curation of exhibition projects

↗ Curation of permanent exhibitions

↗ Curation of long-term exhibition concepts

↗ Writing, creating and generating related information and negotiation materials

↗ Transporting, building and breaking down of exhibitions

↗ Internal and external exhibition mediation